The latest data collection technology from Belgian manufacturer AVR provides users with real time insights on potato harvester and planter performance and how the process can be made more efficient.

Developed in collaboration with Dutch company Dacom Farm Intelligence, the latest update, which is available as an option on AVR’s four-row Puma 3 and 4.0 self-propelled harvesters and four-row Ceres 440 and 450 planters, allows field and machine data to be linked.

Machine data (current fuel consumption, yield and number of planted potatoes/m²) is automatically transferred to the Dacom Cloudfarm, and the field data is automatically displayed within AVR’s digital Connect platform.

Benefits of shared data include the automatic registration of hours, fuel consumption, total yield and yield differences within a field, allowing users to monitor differences and check whether the yield data corresponds to other growing season data.

Within Cloudfarm, machine data can be combined with satellite, contour and soil map information. All relevant data is converted to clear recommendations.