Slurry equipment specialist SGT (Silage & Gulle-Technik) has been acquired by the Bauer Group. Expanding Bauer’s portfolio of waste handling and spreading solutions, SGT has made a name for itself primarily with the slurry loading system and large capacity tank for the Claas Xerion, converting it into a self-propelled slurry spreader. With the integration of SGT into the Eckart slurry tanker production site in Germany, Bauer will meet rising demand for high performance self-propelled applicators to spread slurry from cattle and pigs, and digestate from anaerobic digester plants. “Our plan is to make use of the modern in-house plastics production capabilities at Eckart to manufacture the SGT tanks and for Bauer to take on responsibility for product development, production and after-sales service,” said managing partner Otto Roiss of the Bauer Group. The previous owner of SGT, Christiaan Seegers, as well as key employees, will remain involved.