Belarus shows first autonomous tractor

Developed at the Minsk Tractor Works, the power train in the 3523i, the first autonomous Belarus tractor, comes from the existing diesel-electric 3523.

by Steven Vale

25 Jun 2021

The star attraction of at an anniversary event to mark the 75th anniversary of the plant, the obvious difference is the lack of a cab. The driver has been replaced by an intelligent control system that uses a combination of cameras and sensors linked to a computer (5G data transmission). It is also equipped with GPS navigation and Topcon guidance.

The engine in the autonomous prototype is the same 350hp Cummins block as the 3523. Mated to a generator that powers the same electro-mechanical transmission, this provides stepless speed selection in two ranges (field 0-15km/hr - road 0-50km/hr). Electricity developed by the tractor can also be used to power electric implements.

Still in the test phase, as well as this triple mower, the prototype has worked with an eight-furrow plough.