Bergmann updates Royal wagons

The rounded front wall extension between the fixed front wall and filler hood on the latest four-model range of Royal forage wagons (load volumes from 26.8 to 30m³) is designed to improve the crop flow into the cargo space.

by Steven Vale

17 Jun 2022

Attached to the new front wall extension via several hinge points, the rotor feeds cut material upwards along the front wall into the cargo space. At the rear, the redesigned filler hood is now spring-loaded and suspended on rubber discs. The German manufacturer says that this helps to reduce operating noise.

Other updates include the new straight tailgate with automatic locking and release. This comes from the company’s larger models, and the tailgate of the Royal S wagons with dosing rollers can now also be part- or fully opened.

New on the options list is a guide roller behind the pick-up. Designed for use on hills or soft conditions, the roller supports the pick-up’s height control. Claimed benefits include reduced grass damage and lower wear and tear of the pick-up’s spring-loaded tines.

All Bergmann forage wagons are equipped with ISObus.