Having literally disappeared from the British market in 2021, Grégoire Besson is to make a return, however, it will be doing so under the wing of Maschio Gaspardo UK who will do the distribution and backup.

The official unveil of the new partnership will take place at Cereals next week, but the agreement has been in place since the beginning of this month. Staff from Besson will on hand at the two day arable event as the French made machines are shown alongside the Italian Maschio kit.

As part of the press statement, it is said that Maschio Gaspardo UK will consolidate and expand the Gregoire Besson brand in the UK enabling it to build relationships with previous and new dealers for machines and parts. The latter has been an issue for some Besson owners, who have been left in the lurch since the closure of the subsidiary in Lincolnshire, especially when it came to non-wearing metal spare parts.

From an observer’s point of view, the partnership would make sense, especially when it comes to ploughs, a product range that Besson has historically had success with and a nut Maschio has been unable to crack. But then the plough market is not what it once was and that other Besson success story, the Discordon is no longer in the same demand. It will be interesting to see what new wares will be on show at Cereals as the Grégoire Besson name is reintroduced.

Lastly, while the press release notes this partnership is for the UK market i.e. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland it would appear to be incorrect as IAM is still the official distributor for the island of Ireland as it has been for several years.

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