Big Deeres get an update

John Deere’s new generation of 9R tractors not only get some extra power but also benefit from the new cab introduced on the 7R and 8R last Autumn.

by Steven Vale

4 Mar 2021

The Stage V 9R and 9RX 640 now maxes out at 691hp versus 670hp in the Stage IV 9620RX. This extra grunt is still supplied by a 15.0-litre Cummins block in the flagship model while the rest of the range has a 13.6-litre DPS motor.


Max. power (ECE-R120)

9R 440

356kW / 484hp

9R / 9RX 490

396kW / 539hp

9R / 9RX 540

437kW / 594hp

9R / 9RX 590

477kW / 649hp

9R / 9RX 640

508kW / 691hp

9RT 470

380kW / 517hp

9RT 520

421kW / 572hp

9RT 570

461kW / 627hp


But it is in the cab where the biggest changes can be found. The StarFire 6000 receiver has been integrated into the cab roof as on the 8R 410 and 7R 350 in our February and April profi Tractor Tests. The articulated wheeled 9R, twin track 9RT and four track 9RX models come with the larger 4600 CommandCenter display as standard.  For £1,425 you can add the activation package which includes Turn Automation, section and variable rate control, passive implement guidance, in-field data sharing, Machine Sync and new AutoPath row guidance.

For the operator, AutoSetup allows owners to pre-schedule jobs in Deere’s Operations Centre which are shown on the cab display when the operator arrives at the field. With one confirmation click, the tractor will load the field boundaries, implement widths/offsets, application rates etc which are then documented and transferred to the Operations Centre when the job is done.

Back to the metal, and the new fan and torsional damper need servicing at 5,000 hours while the E18 gearbox, axles, drive to the tracks and chassis get extra beef. This should improve reliability, so the standard warranty is two years or 2,000 hours with the option of extending to eight years/8,000 hours.