Despite a significant downturn especially in the farm machinery industry and less than ideal conditions in the utility vehicle sector, the Krone Group generated sales of around €1.8 billion in the 2015/2016 fiscal year. Exceeding the previous year’s result of €1.6 billion, commercial trailer sales account for the largest share of turnover (€1.2 billion), but Krone’s agricultural machinery division managed to increase sales slightly to €568.6 million in 2015/2016 (€554.5 million 2014/2015). Almost a quarter of this figure was generated in Germany (27.9% in the previous year), while Western European markets contributed 32.5% (previously 32.2%). North America (20.5%) is unchanged, Eastern Europe 10.7% (previously 11.3%) and the rest of world 11.4% (previously 8.1%). The largest share was accounted for by the BiG line products – the self-propelled BiG X forage harvesters, the self-propelled BiG M mower and the Krone big baler and round baler models.

The Krone Group currently employs 4,281 people in all its operations around the world (3,097 in 2014/2015). The increase in staff numbers is attributed to the expansion of the company’s commercial trailers division following the merger of Brüggen into Krone commercial vehicles. In addition, numerous temporary staff at the firm’s agricultural machinery plant in Spelle were taken on as full-time employees.