BKT closes Indian manufacturing sites

The lockdown imposed by the Indian government to try to contain COVID-19 has resulted in the closure of BKT headquarters and Indian manufacturing facilities until April 14, 2020.

by Steven Vale

1 Apr 2020

Logistics, technical assistance, marketing, customer service and sales support continue unchanged at BKT Europe headquarters at Seregno, in northern Italy.

“We are experiencing a truly terrible time and we are hoping with all our hearts that it will pass very soon,” says CEO Lucia Salmaso of BKT Europe. In the meantime, the company is making the most of this time to be ready when things get back to normal.

The group is currently re-organising both its internal and external processes in the best way possible, so that business can resume as soon as possible, but stresses that at the moment the priority is the safety of its staff and the implementation of measures to contain the risks.