Reduced soil compaction, lower operating costs, higher load capacity, no need to purchase specific rims, nor to change the inflation pressure between working in the fields and road travel. These are some of the claims for BKT’s Agrimax V-Flecto tractor tyre launched at SIMA recently. Displayed fitted to a tractor made of 1,500kg of Plexiglas, the new tyre features a streamlined footprint and a 10% larger tread profile. Designed to improve tractor performance on all kinds of terrain, the Agrimax V-Flecto is the first BKT tyre that uses NRO Technology (Narrow Rim Option) which, according to its maker, complies with the new experimental standards introduced by the European Tyre and Rim Technology Organisation. This marking makes it possible to use the recommended rims in the standard size instead of specific rims, which are required for VF tires of the same size. Another feature is the optimised lug angle design, which reduces vibrations and noise when travelling on the road, and BKT says the life expectancy is at least 10% longer than its standard equivalent. The tyre’s ultra-resistant casing and the reinforced bead are ideal for use in the field and on the road without changing inflation pressures. The new tyre transports 40% more weight compared to a standard tyre of the same size and with the same recommended rim, says BKT