The details are limited but well-known Danish fertiliser spreader manufacturer Bøgballe has been sold to Danish investment company Erhvervsinvest for DK500 million (approx. £60 million). Ending 83 years of ownership by the Laursen family, the new owner has ambitious plans to grow Bøgballe’s business. Founded in 1934 by Anders Peter Laursen in the Danish village of Bøgballe, four family generations later, today’s company, which provides jobs for 70, is still located at the same address. Exports currently account for 95% of turnover.

Bøgballe is not the first Danish farm machinery company to be added to the investment company’s portfolio. One year ago, Erhvervsinvest acquired Agrometer, a Danish manufacturer of slurry handling equipment.

Source Maskinbladet