10 years on, the AEA has updated its ‘Look behind you’ booklet explaining the necessary checks and requirements for effective braking to both users and operators.

In the intervening years, there have been several changes, points out Dr Andy Scarlett who has been heavily involved in the project. For instance, tractors have become more powerful and capable of higher speeds while there has also been changes to UK legislation allowing larger loads.

One major plus though, is that since the initial book, implement and trailer manufactures have stepped up to the mark and are now fitting more effective brakes to new kit. But the key message is that these brakes still need maintenance to be effective and this is one of the goals of the latest information booklet.

The 40-page publication details which type of braking system is required for different implements and trailers, depending on their speed and weight capabilities. As well as being available as a print publication, Look behind you is available to download in various formats for on and offline use. Open University style videos back up the wording and graphics.

While knowing the legislation is key, it also explains how to check brake systems and then make any necessary adjustments. The UK dealer association BAGMA has also been involved in the project and points out the 210 of its members have the ability to carry out brake checks should the operator feel it is outside their capabilities.

This link will take you to the ‘Look behind you’ section of the AEA website – https://aea.uk.com/look-behind-you/