Developed by Yorkshire farmer Philip Bramley, the Zone seed drill has been designed as a modular build to allow purchasers to configure their seeding set-up in a number of different ‘zones’.

Effectively based around five box-section toolbars, users can go for a bank of straight cutting discs up front or dive straight in with either two or three rows of tine coulters equipped with JJ Metcalfe points – either 12mm knife-tips or 125mm wide band-sowing openers allowing for 25cm row spacings. Zone four can host either depth wheels or a following harrow while the final toolbar can be equipped with a choice of press wheels or zig-zag tines.

While 3.0m and 4.0m versions have rigid frames, the 6.0m folding variant is comprised of two 3.0m sections carried via mid-point pivots on the central three-point hitch frame to provide contouring.   

A 6.0m unit is priced at £32,000 and this can be supplied with one of Mr Bramley’s 2,000-litre front hoppers equipped with an Accord-type AGV metering unit for a further £14,000.

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