Buffalo in final test phase

Previewed at Agritechnica nearly a year ago, Fliegl has spent all this season further fine-tuning the Buffalo (Büffel).

by Steven Vale

12 Oct 2018

Described as a marriage between a self-loading forage wagon and forage harvester, the Buffalo combines a pick-up reel, chopping rotor, 14m³ (approx.) bunker and unloading conveyor. The bunker allows the machine to continue chopping for a while between gaps in trailers.

Some of this season’s work focused on the cutting rotors, which in the first two prototypes were outsourced. Now, Fliegl has engineered its own and will produce a small number of pre-production machines next year to see how it performs.

With a tractor power requirement of around 160hp, our tip is to expect to see the Buffalo at the Hannover Fairgrounds again in November 2019 with the first commercial machines available in Germany sometime 2020.