Cheffins sold over £34m-worth of tractors and second-hand agricultural machinery last year. The top five most expensive lots were £91,000 for a 2012 Case 7120 Axial Flow combine harvester; £88,000 for a 2011 combine of the same type; £84,000 for a 2015 John Deere 6195R; £68,000 for a 2010 John Deere C670i combine and £64,000 for a 2009 John Deere 8430. Over 3,000 tractors and more than 4,000 plant items changed hands during 2016, with around 3,000 lots per month apparently sold at the 16ha sale ground at Sutton, Cambridgeshire. Sales were also conducted on-site at farms and institutions all over the UK, and the 15 on-site sales saw over 2,500 vintage and modern machinery items sold to a total value of over £3 million. The company says sales have grown year-on-year, with overseas purchasers looking to strike a bargain in the face of the weakening pound.