BvL mixing time and speed control unit

A simple digital control unit allows mixing times and speeds to be displayed on BvL diet feeders.

by Steven Vale

5 Aug 2020

Called the V-Connect mixer control, and available on all the company’s V-Mix models (can also be retro-fitted), it allows the operator to monitor and adjust the mixing auger speed and times. It also includes an integrated hour counter.

The digital splay shows the mixing time (top), mixing speed of the augers in rpm (left) and the total number of revolutions (right).

The German mixer wagon maker reckons that being able to accurately monitor and adjust the speed of the mixing auger/s relative to load density gives the operator more repeatable control of ration mix consistency.

BvL reckons that this functionality is usually only found on mixer wagons fitted with higher specification control systems often incorporating a weighing system.