Initially offered only in open platform guise when launched in the UK last year, Landini’s basic-spec 4-D tractors are now also available with a cab that not only provides added safety but also full protection from the elements.

Aimed at growers and livestock farms wanting a simple workhorse tractor for routine jobs such as light cultivations, haymaking and yard scraping, specifications of the new range are kept as simple as possible with few frills. UK importer AgriArgo reckons this not only helps keep the price down but also means owners are not buying features they are unlikely to use. Plus, there is also the practical benefit that the open platform and cab floor and side panels can be washed down without fear of harming electrical installations and the like.

The new 2.9-litre Deutz four-pot engine provides power outputs of 68hp, 75hp and 88hp, all driving through an Argo Tractors fully mechanical transmission. This is operated by floor mounted gear levers, including the synchro forward-reverse selector to the left of the driver. With three ranges and four speeds, the standard 12×12 set-up will be sufficient for most applications but a creep box option is also available if an additional set of four ultra-low ratios is needed for specialist applications. There are two- and four-wheel drive versions, the latter having the refinement of electro-hydraulic engagement of the front axle drive, and ground drive pto is standard regardless of whether the tractor is equipped with 540rpm, 540/540E or 540/1000rpm power take-off.

Rated at 3.4t, the rear three-point linkage is operated by simple lever controls, with the option of the firm’s Ergonomic Lift System, which provides a one-shot control for lifting and lowering the hitch arms. The wheelbase is 2.1m, and the wheels and axles can be configured to get the tractor down to a width of no more than 1.67m.