Carraro hybrid concept at Italian show

The ‘Ibrido’(Italian for hybrid) concept tractor heading to the Bologna fairgrounds next month is fitted with both a diesel engine and electric motor.

by Steven Vale

18 Oct 2018

The Italian tractor maker is not saying much this side of the event but says that the layout, dimensions and controls are like that of a standard tractor, and that the ‘Ibrido’ uses its tried-and-trusted synchronised mechanical Carraro 24 x 24 transmission.

The main difference is that the tractor can be driven 100% electrically or with just the diesel engine. It is also possible to use the electric motor as a power boost to support the diesel engine for trailer and pto work. We are still not sure of the size of the diesel engine but understand that the electric motor is rated to 105hp. All auxiliary systems are also powered electrically.

The hybrid tractor has already won two show prizes; a technical innovation award and the EIMA 2018 blue award, which is presented to new concepts that help to reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

The Italian show starts on November 7, 2018.