Case IH changes loader supplier

The company is looking to three new factory-fitted ranges (A, U and T) to gain a larger share of the front loader market. Covering a wide range of tractors; Farmall, Luxxum, Vestrum, Maxxum and Puma, all 27 models in the three ranges are sourced from French firm MX.

by Steven Vale

24 Nov 2021

Matched to the Farmall 55C to Maxxum 140 tractors, the three models in the lighter entry-level A range have mechanical self-levelling. Suitable for general handling work, lift capacities range from 1.33-1.75t, and maximum lift heights from 3.5-4.0m.

All model numbers begin with L. The L3814T model is this picture lifts to a maximum height of 3.8m and has a maximum lift capacity of 1.4t. The final letter denotes the range.

Designed for everyday handling tasks, the 14 models in the U range (Farmall 55C to Puma 175) can all be specified with mechanical self-levelling. Maximum lift heights are from 3.50-4.50m and maximum lift capacities from 1.21t-2.23t.

Hydraulic self-levelling is standard on the flagship T range (10 models), which are suitable for fitting to the Farmall C all the way up to the Puma 240. Maximum lift heights are from 3.75-4.70m. Lift capacities are from 1.39t-2.72t.

Tractors specified loader-ready from the St Valentin factory are fitted with a common bracket and the Mach System multi hydraulic/electrical service quick-coupler.

Other features of the new ranges include Shock Eliminator, a system that minimises the transfer of load shocks through to the tractor and operator.

All hydraulic hoses are routed inside the loader frame and cross-bar for full protection and the Fitlock 2+ automatic locking system provides quick hitching and unhitching.

Available early next year, the new loaders are covered by the same warranty and product support processes as the Case IH tractors to which they are fitted.