McCormick will launch a number of short wheelbase four and six-cylinder Stage V X7 tractors at next month’s Italian EIMA show.

The X7 SWB range comprises the X7.417 (4cyl/170hp) and X7.418 (4cyl/180hp) and X7.617 (6cyl/170hp) and X7.618 (6cyl/180hp).

The transmission in all four is the P6-Drive powershift although the X7.418 and X7.618 are also available with the continuously variable VT-Drive box. The wheelbase on the four-cylinder models is 2.65m (six-cylinder 2.76m).

Power comes from Stage V FTP NEF engines; a 16-valve, 4.5-litre block in four-pot models and a 24-valve, 6.7-litre unit with turbo intercooler and common rail electronic injection in six-cylinder tractors.

Changes to the 3.5t front linkage has helped to improve operator visibility and the new one-piece bonnet opens 90 degrees for maintenance. The Cooling Matrix system provides easier access to the radiators for cleaning and the cab roof is fitted with 12 LED lights. The control software loaded on the 12″ touch screen (DSM) benefits from a new menu for faster operation.

There are four pto speeds and the standard hydraulic flow rate is 123lit/min (160lit/min option). Maximum lift capacity of the electronic rear linkage is 9.3t. Common to all models is a maximum permitted weight of 11.5t and a maximum rear tyre size of 710/60 R38.

The options list include independent front axle suspension, and mechanical or semi-active electronically controlled cab suspension.

Available from the end of this year, the X7.416/.418/.616 and .618 P6-Drive models will ultimately replace the current .450/.460/.650 and .660 Stage IV tractors. Similarly, the X7.418/.618 VT-Drive models are set to replace the current .460 and .660 models.

Incidentally, McCormick previewed its first Stage V X7 models; the X7.624 VT-Drive (240hp) and X7.623 P6-Drive (225hp) at the 2019 Agritechnica.