A silver medal winner at the last Agritechnica, La Forge’s EZ ballast weight made its UK debut on the John Deere stand at Cereals. Main benefits of the 1.7t EZ, which is imported by Risborough Agricultural Services, are that it can be added and removed in a matter of seconds, and it’s positioned centrally under the belly of the tractor so it doesn’t affect the tractor’s overall front/rear weight distribution. It also frees up the front linkage for carrying other implements. The base frame bolts under the belly of the tractor. To add the weight, the operator simply drives over the top of the weight, hydraulically lowers a hook from the base frame, connects and then lifts the weight into place. Job done. EZ has its own hydraulic valve, which can be plumbed into the tractor system without occupying one of the spools. Currently the system only fits onto John Deere 7R tractors, and the full kit — weight and base frame — retails at £10,850.