Remember the bare JCB Fastrac Forward Control chassis on the Landquip stand at LAMMA in January? Well, now it has a spray pack. Suffolk firm Landquip takes the Forward Control skid unit, which is based on a Fastrac 4220, from Scottish conversion specialist A M Phillip and then adds its own spray pack. This runs to a 4,000-, 4,500- or 5,000-litre main tank, Pommier tri-fold aluminium boom up to 44m, and hydraulically driven pump options of 450 or 700 litres/min. As for the self-propelled chassis, this gets customised oil and fuel tanks to allow the machine to accommodate large-diameter 710/60 R38 floatation tyres as well as R46 rowcrops. In addition there are wider mudguards and mudflaps to prevent mud from being flung up from the wheels onto the spraying equipment. Removing the demount unit from the Fastrac Forward Control is reckoned to take around 15mins, and the whole outfit retails for about £200,000.