Though ploughs have been part of the Maschio product line-up for a number of years, the Italian firm has never offered them in the UK … until now. With resurging interest in the mouldboard as another tool in the blackgrass armoury, along with the fact that Maschio has bought a controlling stake in plough specialist Moro Pietro Meccanica, importer OPICO has decided to bring in a range of mounted reversibles for tractors from 120hp to 300hp.  “We’re starting off with mounted units to get the ball rolling,” says Maschio sales manager Robin Immink, “but semi-mounted models will follow in due course.” On the OPICO stand at Cereals were a couple of mounted models — a Unico M (three to five furrows, up to 200hp) and Unico L (three to six furrows, up to 300hp). A couple of specific points of interest: the Maschio auto-reset system comprises a piston accumulator rather than a diaphragm accumulator for claimed higher trip pressures and faster reset speeds; and the vari-width shifts the whole beam across for turnover as opposed to closing down every furrow. Prices for the Unico M start from £13,603 while the Unico L starts from £18,961. All the usual options in terms of mouldboard type, body protection etc are on offer.