Carre had its robotic weeder working on a small demo plot at Cereals. Called the Anatis, it has been developed in partnership with the University of Nantes and is designed to work autonomously on the time consuming task of removing weeds in row crops.  Electrically driven, the version on show was equipped with a 1.2m wide inter-row hoe and an evaluation Weedseeker unit, which recognises individual weeds and gives them a shot of herbicide. The rear three-point linkage has a side-shift facility that ensures the hoe stays on the straight and narrow, while Trimble RTK keeps the wheels in line. In addition there are further cameras to detect obstacles and bring the unit to a halt.  The controls are accessed via a smartphone/tablet app, although Muller and Beckhoff computers on the flanks of the Anatis are used for all the main settings. Track width is adjustable to suit different crop row spacings; work rate stands at around 3-4km/hr.  The main message at Cereals was that Anatis is no longer a concept — the first unit has been sold in France, and there are another four in the pipeline. Price tag is €80,000-€90,000.