Customer demand provided the prompt for two new developments from Danish firm Dal-Bo. It’s all about low-cost crop establishment,” says the company’s Steve Atkin. “Growers are looking to do more with each machine and make fewer passes across the field.”  With this in mind, the MaxiRoll is sold with a choice of two-row front tools on models up to 12.3m and two-/three-row tools on versions up to 8.3m. Latest addition to the tool offering, which includes cracker boards, spring tines, harrows and rakes, is a new three-row set of duck-foot tines. Also on the Dal-Bo stand was a 12.3m PowerRoll equipped with a Dal-Bo-badged P-Box-STI seeder for broadcasting and rolling in cover crops and grass seed. Approval for Avadex granule application has yet to be achieved, but that’s the plan.  Built by Einbock, the seeder unit comprises a 500-litre hopper and 16 outlets, and the kit adds about £10,000 to the £26,000 price of a 12.3m PowerRoll (62cm rings).