Cereals debut for Kuhn Aurock

Kuhn's Aurock 6000 (6.0m) triple disc seed drill will be on display for the first time in the UK at Cereals later this month.

by Steven Vale

1 Jun 2019

Capable of establishing crops under cover, in minimum tillage or direct drilling conditions, the Aurock is available with single and dual metering units. The single metering unit (R) version has a 3,500-litre capacity hopper and the double metering unit version (RC) has a 5,000-litre capacity split hopper. Tractor power requirement is from 180hp.

At the front of the drill are two rows of opening discs. There is the option of 460mm diameter corrugated discs, for working in prepared soil or soil mixing, or a 430mm diameter embossed disc for cutting residues. Seed placement is carried out by the double-disc seeding unit mounted on a parallelogram.

Alignment with the opening discs is maintained by a central pivot point between the coulter bar and the chassis. This ensures that seeds drop accurately into the furrow, says Kuhn, when the drill is operating on slopes or around corners.

The modular design allows the option of an integrated cutter roller with adjustable pressure to allow the drill to work in all cover types. The transport wheels are positioned between the opening disc and the coulter bar.

The offset 900mm diameter press wheels not only prevent soil from building up at the front, says the company, but also allow the passage of plant residues, and help to reduce pull power requirement and rolling resistance.

ISObus compatible,  the Aurock is available with CCI 1200 or CCI 50 terminals.