The Axos 230 (92hp) and 240 (103hp) sit below the current Arion 400 range. The 230 and 240 replace SDF built Atos and are produced by Agritalia. Availability in the UK and Ireland will not be until later next year.

The four-pot Stage V FPT 3.6l block in the two newcomers reaches its maximum power at 2000rpm. Fuel tank capacity is 105 litres (AdBlue tank 10 litres) and maximum torque is 366Nm (Axos 230) and 406Nm (Axos 240).

Main controls are located in the side console, grouped according to function and all within easy reach. Shelves and storage areas can be found on and beside the side console.

Reaching its top speed of 40km/hr at 1750rpm, the short lever provides car-like shifting of the five-speed (30Fx15R) Twinshift/Revershift box. The clutch button on the rear of the lever allows shifting without using the foot clutch.

The optional Smart Stop function automatically disengages the transmission to bring the tractor to a standstill when the foot brake is applied at traffic lights, junctions and during front loader work. The gearbox re-engages when the foot brake is released.

All relevant information such as diesel consumption per hour, transmission oil temperature or fill level of the diesel particulate filter can be viewed on the 4.2-inch colour display in the steering wheel console. The display can also be used to adjust the settings of functions such as rear linkage lift speed.

Rear lift capacity is 3.35t, and optional for both tractors is a 3.2t lift capacity front loader. Output of the standard open-centre hydraulic system is 87l/min, with an optional third pump available to increase this to 114l/min.

An electrohydraulic operating system with Electropilot and rocker switches is available as an alternative to the standard mechanical version. At the rear, up to three double-acting spool valves and a free-flow return line are available, while a fourth double-acting spool valve is available with the third pump option.

Instead of one engine speed memory, a version with two engine speed memories is optionally available. This is particularly useful when working with PTO-driven or hydraulically operated implements.

As an alternative to the 1000/540rpm PTO, the 200s can be equipped with a 540/540e combination and a ground-speed PTO, and a 1000rpm or 540e PTO is available for the front linkage.

In the flat floor cab, both front and rear windscreens can be opened, the passenger seat can be folded away when not in use and the height and angle of the steering wheel is adjustable. In-cab options include air conditioning, air-suspended driver’s seat and additional rear-view mirror for the cab interior. With a kerb weight of just over 4.0t, and a gross vehicle weight of 6.0t, the Axos 200s are 2.62m high and the minimum turning radius is 3.79m.

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