Claas extends Tucano combine range

The Claas Tucano combine range for 2019 includes two new APS hybrid models – the 381hp Tucano 580 and 354hp 560, giving a total range of eight models, five of which are available for the first time with Montana hill-side levelling.

by Steven Vale

23 Aug 2018

This system compensates for slide slope inclines of up to 16%, or up to 18% for the Tucano 560 and 430. In the field, all the functions run automatically with the current tilt and cutting angle displayed in Cebis.

Montana models are equipped with a two-speed manual transmission with automatic adjustment of the engine load. In both gears there are two drive ranges which are selected on the basis of the load on the ground drive. No manual selection is necessary, the machine switches automatically to the lower drive range when high traction is required.

Claas says that the new all-wheel-drive axle in the Montana models provides up to 70% more tractive power compared with the standard all-wheel-drive axle. Hill-side levelling is also available for the APS hybrid Tucano 580, 570 and 560 machines as well as for the APS six-walker 450 and the APS five-walker 430.

Powered by Stage V Mercedes Benz engines, other new Tucano features include a new armrest control with the latest touchscreen Cebis, enlarged grain tanks, Dynamic Power engine control and the availability of Auto Crop Flow and Auto Slope automated functions, both of which were previously only available on the Lexion.

Auto Crop Flow uses sensors to continuously monitor the speed of the APS drum, residual grain separation system, straw chopper and engine and will automatically react and alert the operator to a potential blockage or overload.

Claas says that this allows the operator to confidently push the combine closer to its performance limits under varied conditions, and is also ideal when the combine is being operated by less experienced operators.

Auto Slope adjusts the fan speed to ensure minimal losses and optimum grain cleanliness. The grain tank capacity on the largest models has also been increased to 11,000 litres.