Claas registered fewer new tractors in the big markets of France and Germany last year but improved its ranking in the charts in both markets.

To the best of our knowledge, Claas accounted for around 8,200 of the 161,000-odd new tractors registered in mainland Europe last year. The numbers were higher for the brand in 2021 (9,100 of the total market of 178,300) but last year’s fall is in line with the 9.6% drop in the total number of tractors registered in mainland Europe, so it is fair to say that Claas performance was stable in a difficult market.

Around 5,650 of the tractors it registered in mainland Europe last year were in France, Germany and Italy, putting in in sixth place overall in these three big markets behind AGCO (19,746), John Deere (15,437), CNH Industrial (14,015), SDF (7,920) and Kubota (5,688).

Despite registering fewer new tractors in both France (2,927 units/-2.8%) and Germany (1,983 units/-8.6%), it moved up from sixth to fifth spot in both markets. Claas’ share of the 34,857-strong French market dropped from 8.5% in 2021 to 8.4% last year but increased from 6.3% in 2021 to 6.5% in Germany. In the third largest European market of Italy, Claas numbers were down 11.2% to 744 units (838 in 2021), giving it tenth position in the overall rankings and a market share of 3.7% (3.4% in 2021).

There were ups and downs for Claas in the rest of mainland Europe in 2022 with registrations down by a quarter in Spain to 253 units (345 in 2021). The brand also lost ground in Austria (-36.5% to 176 units) and Poland (-22.3% to 470 units) and Claas registered fewer tractors in Portugal (-9.6%), Austria (-36.5%), Finland (-31.4%), Hungary (-56.5%), Sweden (-22.6%) and Switzerland (-15.4%).

There was some plusses, though, and while the markets are much smaller, Claas registered 14.8% more tractors (132 in 2022/115 in 2021) in Norway, and an additional 46% in Slovenia (73 units in 2022/50 units in 2021). Source: Eilbote

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