Claas opens new high-bay warehouse

Claas has opened the extension to its central Parts Logistics Centre at Hamm in Germany.

by Steven Vale

6 Feb 2020

Costing around €20 million and covering an area of approx. 11,700m², the new 30m tall high-bay warehouse towers above the previous building by almost 15m.

Inside, the fully automatic high rack system provides space for around 58,000 pallets and the electric overhead track technology is also new. This carries the pallets to four work stations at which a total of up to 320 parts per hour can be picked, a doubling of the previous capacity.

Located alongside the A2 autobahn near Dortmund, the decision to extend the logistics centre was made summer 2018 to prepare for further growth of the Claas Group.

“We have extended our storage capacity because our product range is steadily growing and with it the number of the various spare parts,” said head of logistics Dietmar Düsing.

More than 360 lorry loads of concrete were used for the floor of the new building and 1,800t of steel and 400,000+ bolts for the steel structure. The company employs around 500 people at the Parts Logistics Centre together with its logistics partner.