Claas updates big rakes

Redesigned from the ground up, the next-generation comprises three models with working widths from 9.3m to 15m. All three come with a low transport height and numerous functions to make life easier for users.

by Steven Vale

17 Sep 2021

Unlike the previous versions, the telescopic arms extend and retract by means of a patented C-profile and slide rail system for quick adjustment of the working width. On Business models the arms can be retracted individually (in pairs on the Trend). Swath widths are adjustable from 1.3-2.2m (4700), 1.4-2.4m (4800) and 1.4-2.5m (4900).

Liner four-rotor rakes


Working width

Rotor diameter

Tine arms per rotor

Liner 4700 Trend

9.30m - 12.70m



Liner 4800 Business

9.30m - 13.60m



Liner 4900 Business

10.10m - 15.00m



The shaft speed in the two Y-gearboxes on the main frame has been reduced from 540 to 350rpm to protect the drivetrain. A redesigned floating cardan rotor suspension system enables the mechanically driven rotors to move in three dimensions to follow ground undulations. The patented Grass Care rotor guidance system is said to provide smooth rotational movement even at high ground speeds.

The 4700 and 4800 are fitted with a four-wheel chassis as standard while the 4900 has a six-wheel system on all four rotors (option on other models). Hydraulic rake height adjustment of all four rotors is controlled from the cab with storage of up to four rake heights optionally available for Business models.

Inserting and removing the tine arms is said to be quick and straightforward, and the telescopic arms are fully retracted and folded up at 90 degrees to the main frame for road travel. The telescopic arms have an automatic transport lock which unlocks hydraulically on Business models.

Once the main frame has been hydraulically lowered, the 4.0m transport height is achieved without having to remove the tine arms. This reduces setup times since the machine can be folded into transport position and unfolded into working position from the tractor cab.

Large main frame tyres are available in diameters up to 1.24m. The transport width remains below 3.0m on 800/35 R22.5 boots.

The new two-point hitch allows for tight turning manoeuvres and the rear lighting arms pivot for negotiating narrow field entrances, and then automatically reset into position.

The 4700 Trend is operated directly via the tractor spool valves with the Plus control on the CEMIS 10 control unit using six back-lit hard keys for preselection operation. Business models have load-sensing hydraulics as standard and can be optionally operated using an ISObus terminal.

A semi-automatic stand and parking bracket with colour-coded hydraulic hose connections simplifies the attachment and removal of all four models.