Claas updates Jaguar 900s

The most significant development on 2022 models is the expansion of the drive options for the grass pick-up and Orbis maize headers, which can now be specified with hydraulic drive.

by Steven Vale

6 Oct 2021

Offered in addition to the mechanical and variable drive options, the new hydraulic option is said to offer benefits when working with the pick-up. The intake auger continues to be driven via the quick-release coupler, and can adjust its speed in accordance with the length of cut; the pick-up reel, however, is provided with an all-new hydraulic drive which allows it to be driven with variable speed adjustment independently of the intake auger.

This enables the pick-up reel speed to automatically match the forager’s ground speed. Benefits include more accurate and consistent crop flow, increased throughout levels (up to 13.7% in extreme conditions compared with an all-mechanical constant drive) and reduced wear. If the ground speed or the set cut length is changed, the rotational speeds of the auger and reel are adjusted automatically (both speeds can also be adjusted manually from the cab).

Next season’s 900 models are also available with a new silage additive app to help the operator to find the appropriate dosage and the correct set-up on the basis of the crop, yield, and information provided by the silage additive manufacturer.

With a second, optional dosing pump, silage additive injection can now be doubled, taking it to quantities of up to 800l/hr. The app is available for Android and Apple via Claas connect.

Also new for Jaguar 800 and 900 models is a water injection system for very difficult harvesting conditions such as grass with a very high sugar content or lucerne. This system automatically injects water into the feeder unit, guide plate area, accelerator and discharge chute whenever there is no crop flow, such as when turning at the headland or between trailers.

Claas says the injection system helps to prevent the build-up of material in the crop flow and keep the dry matter or NIR sensor clean. Controlled via the Cebis terminal, the capacity of the water tank is 375 litres.