Claas updates twin-rotor Liner rakes

Spanning working widths from 6.2 to 10.0m, the new seven-model range comes with simplified controls and numerous features and functions designed to make life easier for users.

by Steven Vale

8 Sep 2021

The 'Grass Care' rotor guidance system ensures that the rotors are actively suspended during operation. When the rotor arms are lowered, the rear rotor wheels touch down first, preventing the tines from digging in and damaging the sward.

The two Business models are equipped with individual rotor lift operated by pre-selection on the terminal as standard (option for spool valve operation on Trend versions).

Overview of the new Liner range


Working width

Rotor diameter

Tine arms per rotor

2600 Trend




2700 Trend




2800 Trend




2800 Business




2900 Trend




2900 Business




3100 Trend




The standard chassis on the 2600 and 2700 is of a four-wheel design (front two wheels steerable), while the 2800, 2900 and 3100 come with a six-wheel chassis where the rear rotor wheels are replaced with pendulum axles.

Rake height can be read off the scale on the rotor’s central shaft and adjusted by means of a crank handle on the rotors. Hydraulic rotor height adjustment is optional for the dual-rotor models with central swathing.

The height of each rotor on the 2800 and 2900 Business models can be controlled separately using the pre-selection function on the Cemis 10 control unit and then actuating the tractor spool valve. As an option, the Trend version can be supplied with hydraulic rotor height adjustment with direct spool valve control.

Should they strike an object, then the tine arms on 2700 to 3100 models deflect at a predefined bending point to avoid damaging the auxiliary gearbox.

Work and swath width on the 2800, 2900 and 3100 is adjusted hydraulically using the telescopic arms. On the 2700 it uses a single acting hydraulic ram, and on the 2600 they are adjusted mechanically.

Active Float hydraulic rotor suspension is standard on the two Business models. This functions in a similar way to the suspension of the same name in the Disco Contour disc mowers.

All models come with mechanical forced steering and can be driven at speeds of up to 40km/hr on the road. The 3100 is fitted with wheel weights as standard (option on all other models). The 2700 to 3100 have a transport width of 2.97m, while with 260/75-15.3 tyres the 2600 comes in at narrow 2.55m.

The transport height of all but one model is 4.0m with tine arms attached. The exception is the 3100 where three tine arms per rotor must be removed to achieve this height.