Cleaner engine and new options for the Pantera

The Stage V engine is not the only update in the latest version of Amazone’s self-propelled sprayer, which comes with a choice of operating systems and a new active boom guidance option.

by Steven Vale

11 Apr 2019

Providing both eco and power modes, exhaust after-treatment in the six-pot 218hp Deutz block in the Pantera 4503 is taken care of by an EGR, DOC and DPF.

The first of two levels of operating packs includes automatic fill stop for suction filling (optional on the bowser fill port). The desired fill level is entered either in the cab via the ISObus terminal or down at the operator station through the control panel.

During application, the agitator control regulates the agitation intensity depending on the tank fill level, and the automatic clean out can be controlled completely remotely from the cab.

Alternatively, the Pantera can also be equipped with the second operating pack which includes an additional fresh water pump. The machine can be cleaned continuously via the additional fresh water pump and during the suction filling procedure, the fresh water tank can also be filled in addition to the spray liquid tank.

ContourControl, an active boom guidance system, with its active SwingStop pendulum limitation for boom widths up to 40m, is a new option.

ContourControl takes care of vertical boom movement while SwingStop optimises horizontal movement. Claimed benefits include increased accuracy at faster operating speeds.

Flex-fold, which folds the booms up to 40% quicker, is also new, as are dust-proof storage compartments under the cab access ladder and new rear LEDs.