Close coupled weight

SafeTractors has developed a new compact AgriBumper weight system for John Deere’s 8R.

by Steven Vale

15 May 2020

The Fix-Line WL weight system can replace the original weight carrier allowing the overall distance from the steering wheel to the front of the tractor to measure 3.50m, making it safer to pull out at road junctions or field gateways.

The weight system is available in 500kg,1,000kg, 1,400kg and 1,800kg versions. The original weight carrier can be reattached to use existing wafer weights or a ballast block.

For added safety the weight pack can be fitted with Hella’s daytime running lights, overall width markers and flashing lights to alert other road users, especially at night where the size of the tractor may be misinterpreted.

The Dutch company points out that it also has a 450kg and 850kg system, dubbed the Fix-Line BL for John Deere 6M and 6R models under 195hp.

George Dance is the UK importer.