CNH Industrial, the parent company of New Holland, has earmarked €150 million to further develop its Belgian site in Zedelgem where the new CR11 combine will be made.

The latest phase of a five-year investment plan at Zedelgem, it will result in a redesigned assembly line and logistics area. The production lines for the CX, CR and CR11 combines will be merged, and the new U-shape setup will integrate four testing stations to streamline the process and improve to speed of production.

One of the main improvements of the revised assembly line are the automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). Replacing the traditional assembly line format, these allow for more flexibility in the manufacturing process enabling different models to be assembled on the same line, at the same time.

The logistics area is also being extended and renovated. This is necessary to accommodate the extra parts; the CR11 range adds 7,000 new ones to the manufacturing logistics area.

Other notable updates new integrated oil filling stations to improve production quality and minimize oil spillage risk when filling the machines with the fluids they require before leaving the production line.

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