We have learned that CNH has sold its agricultural plough business including the factory in Sweden and Överum brand name. Local newspaper reports in Sweden suggest the buyer is a German based business called Faircap, although the CNH correspondence just refers to the purchaser as a consortium .

It is understood that CNH will be working with the new owner to ensure continuity of the plough product line in the coming months. Whether these are sold as Överum machines through the New Holland dealer network or remain as New Holland badged products has yet to be seen.

The Överum plough range was part of the portfolio of Kongskilde cultivation and grass products which CNH announced it was purchasing in October 2016 to grow the New Holland brand as a full liner.

You could argue that the plough range was relatively up to date compared to the rest of the cultivation line up which was included in the deal, which beyond a change in livery does not seem to have had major investment in new products.

Once we have has an official statement from CNH or discover who is behind the consortium we will let you know.

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