The Idealdrive joystick steering system is now available to replace the steering wheel on the Massey Ferguson Ideal 7, Ideal 8 and Ideal 9 TrakRide combine harvesters.

Steering is controlled with a joystick on the left armrest, while the combine controller on the right varies the speed and direction. Controls usually clustered on the steering wheel or steering column are now on the joystick at the operator’s fingertips.

Buttons on the top of the steering joystick operate turn signals in road mode and row-finder lights in field mode; buttons on the back engage the guidance, switch lights from high-beam to dim as well another to sound the horn.

Other cab updates include additional insulation to further reduce noise levels, and there are new storage compartments on the back wall, behind the seat. The coolbox also now has uprated chilling performance.

There are also new brackets to support the terminal and hold an iPad, with the armrest now housing new USB ports and a phone-holder with an integral charger.