Zetor is preparing to launch a new generation of tractors, its most powerful four-cylinder range to date. The Deutz-powered line up will peak at 170hp.

All we have to go on at this stage is information from a post on the company’s Facebook page, which states that the four-speed, six powershift transmission offers improved performance both on the road and in the field.

It will initially come as a 40km/hr version, with a 50km/hr variant being added six months later. We are guessing but with four ranges and six steps it does sound like a ZF ‘box.

We do not know if it is a new cab, but the structure on the new range is said to be quieter and comes with an improved cab suspension system. The only other information the Czech manufacturer is prepared to let slip at this stage is that there is a new gear lever and armrest.

It appears that the Czech tractor manufacturer is looking to plug the gap in the current line-up between the 147hp HD 150 (top model in the Forterra range) and six-pot Crystal 170.

Zetor could well be planning to phase out the current 120hp to 150hp Forterra HSX/HD models and Crystal ranges and replace them with the new four-pot one from 120-170hp. There would then be scope to develop a new six-pot range from 170hp to somewhere north of 200hp.

We had hoped to have seen the new four-pot range at Agritechnica next month, but Zetor was not at the last show in November 2019 and informs us that it will not exhibit at Agritechnica 2023 next month. ‘The new tractor should be added to our website from the beginning of the next year‘ is the message.

There were rumours production could be shifting from the Czech Republic to India. However, Zetor confirms that this new range will be made in Brno which it says is currently ‘undergoing a structural transformation‘ so it can produce higher quality tractors, which presumably refers to the yet unnamed new tractor range.

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