It will not on the stand, but John Deere will be talking about an updated version of its R4040i 4000-litre capacity self-propelled sprayer at this week’s Cereals Event. Called the R4040i PowrSpray, it is highly unusual for John Deere to talk about a machine before the launch, and while some of the technical spec remains under wraps, we can confirm it uses the same drivetrain and spray solution systems as its larger R4050i PowrSpray 5000-litre stablemate.

The company is keen to highlight the new QuadControl transmission, which features fully variable wheel motors and stepless speed control, without the need to manually change speed ranges. Wheelslip is now controlled at each individual wheel, and an electronic anti-stall system automatically reduces forward speed in tough operating conditions while the engine is held at its maximum power setting. Plus, there is a cruise control function for pre-set field and transport speeds.

Other standard features include automatic control of tank agitation and fully automated multi-cycle rinsing and dilution functions. The standard 24-36m booms are made from high-tensile steel, and the newcomer is optionally available with the 36m carbon fibre boom from the R4050i. Pricing and ordering for the R4040i PowrSpray will be available from July, with full production starting at the company’s Horst factory in the Netherlands at the beginning of November.