CommandPro joystick heading to all 6R AutoPowr tractors

Although not yet officially launched in the UK or Ireland, the CommandPro joystick introduced two years ago for John Deere's 6230R and 6250R will soon be available on AutoPowr (CVT) versions of the rest of the 6R family.

by Steven Vale

17 Jul 2018

As discussed in our 6250R tractor test in the August 2018 issue of profi, CommandPro introduces a new armrest and control system and incorporates various driving features from Deeres main competitors.

The joystick allows the tractor to reach its top speed with just one push, and 11 programmable buttons are available for the hitch, pto, spools, AutoTrac controls, etc. The tractor can be controlled from top speed to zero with a simple push or pull of the joystick, and lower speeds from 0 to 2km/hr can be achieved with the creeper control function.

Both the joystick and foot pedals can be operated at the same time, and there is no need for an external ISObus joystick as the driver can also operate the tractor and ISObus functions simultaneously. We understand that buyers of a 6R tractor with the CommandPro joystick can choose between two different CommandCentre terminals: the 4600 or the new 4200, which has an 8.4” screen.