With a width and height of just 70cm, the Nano is the smallest of the three slurry robots available from Dutch manufacturer Joz.

What the Nano lacks in size is more than compensated by its speed. Covering an average distance of 6.5m/min for a maximum route duration of 65 minutes, the battery-powered device cleans a lot of concrete.

Suitable for working on slatted and semi-closed floors, it can also push solid muck, feed remnants and cubicle bedding – includes chopped straw (max. length 4.0cm) and sawdust.

Before the scraper (variable width from 1.2-1.85m) can tackle any of these, though, the material first needs to be dampened. Optional nozzles at the front and rear of the 550kg machine spray it with up to 2.5l/min of water. Water tank capacity is 110 litres.

Powered by a pair of 12v 110Ah batteries and guided by transponders embedded in the concrete, the robot pushes slurry into a pit. Then it automatically returns to the 24v charging station. This can be a standalone system that allows the vehicle to dock and charge from both sides. The automatic tank filling device is also located here for the water nozzle option.

Up to 22 routes can be pre-programmed. The software communicates with the transponders via a wireless connection with the J-link on the charging station (a wired internet connection is necessary for the robot to function optimally).

The other two Joz slurry robots are the Barn-E and Joz-Tech.

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