Connected tyre pressure monitoring

Wheely-Safe’s intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system is now available for tractors, combines, telehandlers and other farm machinery, in the form of a new range of connected devices.

by Steven Vale

12 Feb 2021

The company reckons its patented sensor technology already protects thousands of vans, trucks and buses in the UK against tyre underinflation which it says can increase running costs, CO² emissions and stopping distances.

The same benefits are now available to farmers and contractors with standalone kits (prices start below £200) providing driver alerts, or fully-connected open platform systems which plug into a machine’s telematics or CANbus.

The patented sensor technology includes an auto-calibrating internal tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensor. Adhering to the wheel rim the sensor distinguishes between intentional pressure adjustments, and genuine underinflation or leakage. The sensors auto-pair with the receiver, which says the company, makes it hassle-free for tractors which regularly pull different trailers.

The keyring-sized walkaround checker is also new. Designed for use as part of a driver’s daily inspections, it can be held against any Wheely-Safe TPMS sensor and a series of red, amber and green lights report the latest sensor status. Red highlights an issue requiring immediate attention. Connected devices record a log of the walkaround inspections.