Pöttinger has developed a distribution system for its trailed Terradisc 8001T (8.0m) and 10001T (10m) disc harrows that allows it to apply fertiliser, seed a cover crop, or do both at the same time.

Paired with the Amico F front hopper, the 1,700 or 2,400l capacity unit is split 60:40. Material is applied using a single shoot process with a pressurised hopper system and buyers can opt for one or two metering units.

Two metering units allows seed and fertiliser, two different seeds or two different fertilisers to be individually metered, mixed (material is not mixed until after metering unit) and applied together. It is also possible to fill the hopper with fertiliser or seed and use a single metering unit.

Operating at speeds above 10km/hr, material is fed into the flow of soil generated by the Terradisc’s 580mm diameter scalloped discs. The company says that the twin arm suspension system prevents the discs from deviating sideways on hard soils, ensuring that the whole surface is moved. Seed, fertiliser or both is mixed evenly across the full width, after which the soil is consolidated by the rear packer.

The distribution system is controlled via ISObus and yield and/or soil maps can be stored as a basis for the application rate. This means that the application rate can be controlled on a site-specific basis.

Optional on new 8.0m and 10m trailed Terradiscs, the distribution system can also be retrofitted to existing machines. A similar distribution system is already available for the Terria stubble cultivator:

Terria cultivator with fertiliser kit – Profi

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