Danish firm HE-VA has developed a knife roller designed to roll, cut and bruise cover crops ahead of a direct drill. Called the Crimper Roller, this action results in faster decomposition of the cover crop, encouraging the following crop to emerge quicker through residues. In some cover crop mixes, UK importer Opico reckons the technique can cause sufficient damage to kill off the crop without the need to use glyphosate. Available as a 3m rigid model, or 3m, 4m or 6m folding models, the technique uses angled edges to cut or bruise the cover crop every 140mm. The crimping sections are made from 600mm metal tubes which can be ballasted with water to provide extra weight for extra penetration in tall, thick or woody cover crops. The use of HE-VA’s front press frame ensures the machine follows the nose of the tractor, and on 4m and 6m models a steering damper compensates for slopes and prevents any over-reaction of guidance systems to the movement of the front press. Crimper Roller prices start from just over £5,000. A 6m version will be on display at LAMMA.