The development work started in June 2020, the prototype was assembled earlier this year and the Profi-Class Tridem is now in the fields for testing. With a full tank it weighs around 30t and needs a tractor of around 350hp to pull it.

A huge increase in capacity on the previous largest twin-axle 14,000-litre Profi-Class Tandem trailed sprayer, track width on the German manufacturer’s new flagship trailed sprayer is adjustable from 2.15-2.25m and the Tridem is available with 38” or 42” tyres. The first and third axles are steered via the mechanical-hydraulic forced steering system and the standard spec includes hydraulic drawbar suspension.

The prototype will spend the rest of this year, and all of next, on a German farm. The next units are not planned until the end of 2023 at the earliest. There are no immediate plans to bring the Tridem to the UK. The company says a demonstration model will only be brought across if there is enough customer interest. The earliest this could happen is sometime 2024.

Initially, the company is interested to test the water for such a machine in large arable areas in Europe. Depending on the level of interest, the company will then look to guage interets in other markets.

Precise costs have not yet been calculated, but the basic machine, which will be available with boom widths from 36-42m and comes with a 500-litre clean water, is expected to cost from approx. 240,000.