With several hundred machines in the country, the Spanish plough and cultivator manufacturer feels the time is now right to commit more directly to the UK with a wholly owned subsidiary; Ovlac UK.

Ovlac has been present in the UK for nearly 10 years, first with Reco and, since its closure, with Halse South West. Responsible for all sales, marketing and service of UK machines, one of the tasks of the new subsidiary, which is headed up by Nick Clark (formerly Ovlac sales manager for Halse South West), is to expand the dealer network coverage.

“We have 30 or so dealers currently in the UK with most in northern England and Scotland,” said Mr Clark, “and are actively seeking more dealers in the Midlands and Eastern Counties to increase the numbers to 60 over the coming years.”

Mr Clark currently lives in Devon but is planning to move further north to be placed more centrally for the new UK operation, the location of which has still to be confirmed.

“We see this as the logical next step for a growing brand and as Ovlac dealers for the south west of England are looking forward to fully playing our part in the coming years,” said Philip Halse of Halse South West.

Ovlac UK is still going ahead with its win the use of a plough for a year competition, which it has taken over from Halse South West. Marking 85 years of Ovlac (1936-2021), the winner will be announced at the next Lamma show.