Deere 6R gets Command Pro joystick

Buyers of John Deere’s 6R-series now get the option of the Command Pro joystick on all tractors equipped with an Auto Powr transmission.

by James Andrews

24 Aug 2018

The upgrade – previously only available on the 6230R and 6250R – provides single lever changing of direction and speed, and has the added bonus of a built-in creep function. This is activated by holding the lever to the left side and moving it in the direction of travel.

Another change across the whole range includes replacing the old 4100 screen with the 4200, which is 20% larger and Isobus certified. There’s also still the option of upgrading to the larger 4600 version.

There have been a few changes to the Augusta-built 5R-series tractors, too, which can now be specced with fully integrated auto-steer. Previously, the only option for buyers wanting automated steering was to go for a bolt-on steering-wheel motor, but now the electro-hydraulic steering valves can be fitted in the factory.

Two packages are on offer – Auto Trac Ready equips the tractor with everything needed to activate the system at a later date, while Auto Trac Complete means the tractor is set up ready to go.

Customers also get the option of variable ratio steering, which is designed to make the tractor more manoeuvrable around the yard, or on headlands. This feature is activated via a button on the B-post and it reduces the number of turns needed to go from lock to lock by two-and-a-half times.

Solid rims are also available for the first time, as well as a push-back pickup hitch. The 5R range was originally launched in 2016 and there are four models ranging from 90 to 125hp.