DeLaval robotic feed pusher

Don’t just push food but re-mix it, says DeLaval, which reckons to have just the machine to do it and a feed pushing robot called OptiDuo.

by Steven Vale

25 Jul 2018

Designed to distribute feed evenly along the front of the feed barrier, claimed benefits of the twin-spiralling rotating auger concept include increased feed intake and milk yields, while the more even distribution results in less stress for low ranked animals. DeLaval reckons it is ideal for farms feeding once a day, and the OptiDuo can negotiate 5% slopes and different feed passage widths.

Suitable for use on farms with several buildings, sensors automatically stop the battery-powered unit if its route is blocked. It automatically restarts again when the obstruction has moved out of the way, and adaptive drive allows the speed to be adjusted to cope with different feed types and volumes.

Minimal maintenance is required, says the company, and there are no greasing points. Optional equipment includes a concentrate dispenser.