Delayed working debut for Claas Axion Terra Trac

Next month’s cancelled Grassland & Muck event was due to have been the first opportunity to see the Claas Axion 900 Terra Trac in action.

by Steven Vale

7 Apr 2020

On display would have been the top-of-the-range 445hp Axion 990 Terra Trac, which along with the smaller 355hp Axion 930, is the first half-track tractor on the market to have a fully suspended track system. Combined with the front axle and four-point cab suspension, claimed benefits include improved ground contact, reduced wheelslip and increased operator comfort.

The drive wheel is larger than that found on the Lexion combine to meet the specific power transfer needs of a tractor and to handle the high levels of torque. Fitted with spokes with attached rubber blocks to aid self-cleaning, the tracks use a force-locking drive and are maintained at a higher tension for even pressure distribution.

Drive to the Terra Trac unit is through a standard Cmatic  transmission, but in place of the trumpet housings there are ‘saxophones’, which bridge the differences in height and length. The actual drive is through a cardan shaft between the PTO shaft and the Terra Trac intake shaft. Able to pivot over a range from +8° to -15° ensures that optimum ground contact is maintained at all times.

Tracks are available in widths of 635mm, 735mm and 890mm and all have transport widths similar to tyres and below 3.0m. Total footprint on the widest 890mm track is 3.87m², which the company claims is 35% larger when compared to a 900/60 R42 tyre. Claimed benefits of this are a 15% increase in tractive power and ground pressure is reduced by 50%, so reducing compaction.

Tracks are available in widths of 635mm, 735mm and 890mm.

Claas reckons that the intelligent steering system gives the tractor similar driving characteristics to a wheeled machine to avoid scuffing when turning. At speeds below 12km/hr, this will automatically bias the inner track brake and to aid this steering assistance, within Cebis the operator is able to select from either strong, medium or small pre-set levels.

The Axion Terra Trac also incorporates a height adjustment system. By being able to select either a low, medium or upper position for the track units, the operator is able to set the optimum height for the implement being used behind the tractor, or increase ground clearance when baling or grain carting.