Dewulf adds wider SC cultivator

Suitable for front or rear mounting to any tractor, the Belgian firm’s SC360 (3.6m) cultivator is designed to prepare a seedbed for four 90cm rows.

by Steven Vale

18 Jun 2020

Sitting above the existing 3.0m SC300, the SC360 is flagged up as a reliable, self-cleaning and low maintenance cultivator. When front mounted, the Belgian manufacturer says it can be combined with a potato planter for increase efficiency.

With a minimum power requirement of 110hp (max. power 250hp), like the 3.0m model the SC360 is fitted with a 650mm diameter rotor. Working to a maximum depth of 25cm, Dewulf says this results in plenty of loose soil for optimum ridge formation.

Equipped with 132 tempered steel hooks (112 on the SC300) to take on any type of soil, options for the SC360 include chisels and a clod breaking roller.

Starting weight of the SC360 is 1.5t (SC300 1.3t). £POA.